4 April 2011

A Quick Update -- Amazing Cake Art !


Thank you for all of your nice comments, those made me very happy!
So far you guys have suggested a low calorie cookie recipe (a very good idea suggested by Kaneda. Thank you, Kaneda! You can check his blog here) and you hoped I'd also share my mango cheesecake recipe. I'll be working on those next, more suggestions are always welcome.

This quick update is also a good excuse to share the most amazing cake photos I've seen! I found this guy's flickr account by accident and I was amazed. This is true cake art! I just had to share these with you.
So the guy's nickname in flickr is donbuciak. He's taken part in Spartan Cake competitions twice and won many awards in them.

Yes! I finally got my very own Ipod touch...
oh wait, it's a cake?

Cool, huh? Especially cool is the way mister donbuciak made the cake have a shiny effect to it. And the cake has all the icons! 

Is that...

Well, yes it is! That's mister donbuciak on the left and, I assume, a friend of his on the right. Edible-Elmo on top of the cake looks as hairy as the real one.

A castle fit for any Cinderella...
and it's edible!

I'd like to live there. Can I?

This one's my favorite...

Look at that! He even got the dirt on the tracks and everything. I love Wall-E and I'd probably love this cake too. I wouldn't dare to eat it though. I wonder how he made the head-part? The head has to be super-light, maybe hollow, and that neck has to be sturdy enough to carry the head. A real piece of art.

Here's the same cake from a slightly different angle

If you want to see more of these amazing cakes by mister donbuciak, you can find his flickr gallery here!

    ~ Enjoy ~    


  1. impressive :O I also liked the Angry Birds cake I saw the other day somewhere

  2. oh my god, those look crazy realistic.
    would love to take a bite though :D

  3. Don't know which one I want more, real ipod or the cake. :p

  4. Yea, these are amazing. I wonder how much time does these guys put in to one cake.

  5. WOW! how could you eat those beautiful works of art! Thanks for sharing!

  6. That walle cake is probably the best thing i've ever seen....ever!

  7. Ohh Woow, I like the Wall-E Cake, coll stuff.

  8. Oh jeeze I could never eat one of those. I can't imagine how much work and precision goes into making something like that. I think I like cakes I actually want to eat better...

  9. Great blog style! Keep this up! Good blogger!

  10. I thought that was a real Ipod at first lol

  11. Wall-E i just had to show this to my wife last night!

  12. I talked my wife in op making me a cake last night, nothing this elaborate, I am a simple man. I enjoy a good Betty Crocker cake, my favorite being Yellow Cake with Choc. Icing :) mmmmmm such a good butter flavor.

  13. wahahaha, that robot cake looks delicious!

  14. My oh my, Wall-e my old friend, I could just eat you up, literally


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